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Create Bavarian Memories With Our Hands-On Group Experiences

     Advance reservations required. Prices based on Guests also having a meal reservation at the Bavarian Inn Restaurant. Add $1.00 per person if enjoying experience activity only. To make reservations or for more information 1-989-652-9941 or 1-800-228-2742.

Group Experiences Packages

Description of Group Experiences Available for Groups of 14 or more
(Group Experiences are available at the Bavarian Inn Restaurant Only)

German Wine Tasting 

Sample several of our Private Label German Wines prior to dining. Cheese and crackers will complement the naturally light and elegant wines that bear the balance of sweetness and acidity of wines from that area. You will also discover how to read the label (the wine's ‘birth certificate') and understand the character of German wines.
For guests 21 or over. Minimum of 20 guests. Allow 30 minutes. $6.00 per person.

German Beer Sampling  Taste three unique German brewing methods! Enjoy a classic Pilsner, a Dunkel (dark) beer and a Weisse (wheat) beer along with another German classic-a soft pretzel! For guests 21 & over. Minimum of 20 guests.  Allow 30 minutes. $8.00 per person.
Pretzel Rolling 

Outfitted with hats, your guests are transformed into German bakers. Our team will lead them through the proper pretzel-rolling method, and then it is their turn to try and match the technique. After they are baked, guests can pick up their piping hot pretzels and reap the rewards of their hard work. $3.99 per person.
Available Monday through Saturday, 9:00 a.m. to 4:30 p.m. Allow 45 minutes.

Strudel Making Thousands of guests each year enjoy Dorothy Zehnder's apple strudel. Now, try your hand at making our signature dessert! Go behind the scenes and create an individual apple or cherry strudel.   Allow 60 minutes. $5.00 per person.
Chocolate Covered Pretzel 

Pools of chocolate and mountains of crunchy goodies! See how many layers of toffee, raisins, nuts, and M&M's you can get to adorn your pretzel stick!
Allow 20 minutes. $6.00 per person.

Make-Your-Own Chocolate Cluster  Select the ingredients to mix with one quarter pound chocolate and make your own clusters! Allow 20 minutes. $5.00 per person.
Create-Your-Own Stuffed Animal  Choose your animal and personalize a message for your new friend's heart before stuffing your animal with the assistance of a specially trained Dolly Doctor. Allow 30 minutes. $7.00 per person.

**Dress your friend in an "I Love Frankenmuth" T-shirt for only $6.98 additional!**

Monster Cookie Creation Create a cookie MONSTER-piece using freshly baked cookies, frosting and candy! Use our examples as a guide or design your own monster! Allow 30-45 minutes. $3.00 per person.
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