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Our family just celebrated their 25th year in a row eating at the Bavarian Inn Restaurant on Christmas Day. My husband and I began our tradition when a tragic incident broke my family apart. It was my brother and my idea that we could keep our families together by starting our own Christmas tradition (for us and our kids). At that time, my daughters were 3 and 4 years old and the third was not yet born. This year my youngest daughter brought her fiancé' and she is 20 years old. My oldest daughter brought her husband and their 6 year old son; my middle daughter brought her husband and their three children. My brother and his wife have always joined us and his two daughters (that are 30 years old) have never missed a year joining us either. One of his daughters lives in Denver CO. and the other New York. The daughter from New York also had her husband with her. Our Family has been through many up and downs throughout the past 25 years but we have always managed to spend Christmas together sitting to a family friendly meal and environment in Frankenmuth. Thank You to all of you there, who have worked on Christmas day, refilled our drinks, smiled, played music, cooked our food, wiped our spills and brought us boxes to package our food. Everyone and everything you do is why you have become a part of our family tradition. God Bless you all and may your New Year be joyous.
- Karen B.

Our family has made an annual trip to Frankenmuth for the past 10 years. We have included the Bavarian Inn in our dining plans every year and have always been very pleased with the service and the food. I can rate every category as a 5 without hesitation. We very much appreciate the restaurant's online reservation system and how well you handle large groups of diners. We plan to continue our Frankenmuth trip tradition and look forward to dining at the Bavarian Inn in the future.
- David K

Everything was great. We came up with my Daughter and her in-laws on 11/05, this was last minute we phoned-in a reservation on 11/04, and you accommodated our last minute decision. Thank you, this was great. We already had a reservation weeks ahead for 11/12 so my wife and I returned for this. We had requested in our on-line reservation that a booth was preferred if possible, when we arrived on the 12th at 5:30 not only was our reservation on time but you had arranged for a booth. Thank you for the excellent service.
- Walter L

We truly enjoyed ourselves!! The waiter & 2 waitresses we had were just wonderful! 2 of them said they were in training . They did AWESOME!! We never would have known, had they not told us. We had so much delish one went home hungry. The four - 12 year old's & two - 9 year olds that were with us loved all your side dishes. They enjoyed the whole day & experience. They are already planning our next trip there. Thank you for your staff's part in making our day & my birthday celebration a wonderful experience : )
- Theresa L

our server was exceptional - she was so pleasant and attentive. This was our first time at Bavarian Inn, but would definitely return. The experience was very pleasant. Thank you.
- Teri K

My daughter had never been to Frankenmuth before and she wanted to try the Bavarian Inn. Your food, the atmosphere and the total package won the weekend. Thank you for a truly wonderful dining experience. I am bringing two different friends next year.
- Suzanne S

Very nice - welcoming to families and we enjoyed the accordion music as well. The accordion player taught us and the kids a new song, and we all had fun singing it. Bavarian Inn is a great place for a family-friendly group event. I would highly recommend it. The customer service couldn't be better. Thanks!
- Sharon N

Great server. The chicken dinners are always good, but the dinners this evening were exceptional. My wife and I enjoyed our dinners very much.
- Richard Y

Everything was wonderful from the hotel room to dinner, shopping, and pretzel rolling:)
- Lori T

As always we had a very enjoyable experience at the Inn. We live in the Ann Arbor area and try to visit Frankenmuth at least twice a year and when we do we always dine at the Inn. I believe our server's name was Kim -- She was extremely efficient while being very personable with a great sense of humor. She anticipated our needs by keeping our drinks filled and making sure we always had anything we might need. To us it is extremely important to have a server that is happy in his/her job and Kim truly seemed to enjoy her work and working with the public. She definitely was an integral part of making our dining experience enjoyable along with the food being delicious, as usual. Thank you for providing the right atmosphere, service, and wonderful meal that enhanced our visit to Frankenmuth. Have a great day and a very happy Holiday Season!
- Linda P

Our family started coming every year for over 30 years..when the "family" was just my husband and myself and now we come with our children and grandchildren. Thank you so much for giving us all a wonderful tradition to look forward to.
- Julie C

It was great! We all enjoy the wall art and the chandeliers in the Austrian room.
- Joshua F

Love being able to make reservations online in advance!!!
- Jim P

Very satisfied - wish we lived closer so we could come more often!
- Donielle J

Yes, Our needs were definitely met. We enjoyed the hospitality and the delicious food. We plan to return at a future date. The atmosphere was very inviting and the first impression superb. Thanks again,
- Diane King

Everything was just great, especially that great German beer. We are all coming back in the summer.
- Dennis & Paula J

We had a great experience, Our server Teddy was a pleasure to have as a waitor. I'd rate him at 10! We also enjoyed the Pumpkin ice cream. I think the atmosphere is always excellent but I prefer the Alpine room. Also your Chicken livers, ordered on take out are exellent. Anyway I feel The Bavarian Inn Restaurant and lodge are exceptional, and I feel that I am appreciated as a guest. Keep up the excellent work.
- Victoria S

Our waitress was very helpful for us. My 8 year old son was not feeling well and just wanted chicken noodle soup and ice cream. She helped us out. Thanks
- Cyndy S

Everything was wonderful. We come every year and always make a reservation, the only way to go. We have never been disappointed and intend to be there again next year. Thank you
- Cheryl E

We were really impressed with the speediness of the food arrival especially given how busy it was the day we were there! Our waitress attended to our needs and was very friendly. We had a good experience and have recommended the restaurant (and the pretzel making) to our friends who havent previously made the trek up from the Detroit area. Thank you!
- Chelsi D

The food was fantastic, the service was great and the place was packed! I would recommend people to go for sure, and might I add, you chicken noodle soup is fantastic!
- April P

Everything was exceptional! We enjoyed our meals very much. We definitely would eat there again when we visit again. Thank you!
- Teresa S

Our waitress went above and beyond. She was wonderful.
- Alicia L

Our experiences at the Bavarian always exceed our expectations!! We thoroughly enjoy the atmosphere, the shops downstairs and all of the delicious salads included in the meal!!! Our waitress was exceptional, our visit was with out of town guests, so the privacy and the slower meal servings (which was our request) made our evening that much more special.
- Shelley M

This was our first visit to Frankenmuth in almost 20 years. We had a wonderful time in your town. The dinner was excellent. We enjoyed your restaurant experience, and definitely won't wait another 20 years!
- Margaret G

This was our 4th trip to your restaurant; we love it and will be making many more return trips. See you in the Spring!
- Cassandra H

This is the second year, in a row, that we have come to Frankenmuth and we couldn't wait to come to the Bavarian Inn. We waited an hour or more last year to get into the restaurant so I was glad that you have online reservations. We wouldn't have needed them, as it wasn't as busy as last year but was were glad we didn't have to worry about it. A couple of us think that the deep fried pretzel with artichoke cheese dip is the best thing we've ever eaten so don't take that one off the menu. Thank you and hope to see you next year!
- Carla T

We had a very good experience at Bavarian Inn. It has been several years since I came & brought friends for a long week-end shopping trip to Frankenmuth. But in the past it was a "tradition" for many years. Included in our "tradition" is your family style chicken meal on Friday night. On this visit, it was one of the girl's anniversary & the accordion player was kind enough to allow her to get a picture with him & we also received a special small cake in honor of the occasion. This was the first trip to Frankenmuth for two of my friends & your service & food lived up to my high raves of the experience!
- Jill J

This was our second time dining at the Bavarian Inn and each time has been an excellent experience. The ONLY thing I would change would be for it to be located in the town I live in (LOL). Thank you again for another wunderbar dining experience and I look forward to visiting again the next time I come to Frankenmuth.
- Michael E

We had a great time !!
We had taken the kids up to Frankenmuth when they were little... And now my husband wanted to bring the grandkids back.... I must admit I was a little hesitant....But turned out we had a really good time...We had never eaten at your restaurant before.... Seemed a little too expensive for us when the kids were little...and the lines so long to wait...This time...we DID..and it was great...We had the family style chicken dinner...and everything was delicious... and just a FUN experience...We then shopped the stores downstairs... and then went for a horse carriage ride outside... Had a great time...You all did great !! Thanks !! The grandkids are already asking when we can go back !! So it WAS fun !! hahaha See you again ....
- Rita H

My husband and I visited Frankenmuth for the first time last fall. We made it a point to return to the Bavarian Inn because of the great food and atmosphere we encountered last year! Both experiences were wonderful and we look forward to coming back in the future! Thank you!
- Mary S

We enjoyed the restaurant at Bavarian Inn on Sept 17th for a delicious lunch. Our waitress was very pleasant and efficient. We ... found your chicken to be moist, flavorful, and delicious. Next time we will eat both our dinner and lunch at your restaurant. I also liked the fact that I could make my reservations on line with you.
Thanks for taking the time to inquire about our opinion about the dining. A++++++
- Ann V

We love Frankenmuth and look forward to the auto fest every year. It is one of the few events we partake in with our 1956 chevy. Frankenmuth is a wonderful 'escape' for us... we love the German heritage, the Christian heritage, the beauty of the area and the pleasant atmosphere created by the staff and the shop owners. The Frankenmuth Belle (or is it the Bavarian Belle) ride is a wonderful attraction as it provides some history about the area.
- Diane D

We come to the Inn once a year for the last 14 years and we have never had a bad meal and we have always been made welcome. Thank You
- Diana R

This was my family's first time there and we will definitely be back!
- Arik T

I posted a comment on Trip Advisor about our dinner. But to tell you in person, - IT WAS SUPER!!! I am in love with your Wiener Schnitzel, and my husband couldn't have been happier with the Bavarian Combo Plate. The one thing that was better about the Bavarian Inn over Zehnders - my husband could get his mobility scooter in your elevator. You made our 40th wedding anniversary so special. Thanks again
- Kathy H

Everything was great. The service was friendly and knowledgable and the food was as good as ever. It always a pleasure to visit the Bavarian Inn. I would rate our visit as a "5".
- Dan M

The food was awesome! We only eat chicken.
- Lisa R

The variety was fabulous, we shared many different dishes at our table.
Very clean, love the décor and staff was extremely pleasant.
Very homey, inviting.
I wish I could remember our waitress's name, she was wonderful. As we were there for a birthday celebration the table was pre-set with our cake as asked. The waitress also helped sing happy birthday and brought along the man on the accordion.
Parking was hard, and I appreciate her patience as all of our group did not make it to the table at the same time.
- Kelly W

We have been coming to Frankenmuth for over 20 years and every time we come, we make it a priority to stop and have dinner at the Bavarian Inn. We have never been disappointed and will continue to come as often as possible. Of course, everything was a 5 for us! Thank you.
- Rony D

The ability to make a reservation online was really convenient. The food was great as usual. Your service met and exceeded my high expectations I have for The Bavarian Inn. Thanks
- Jodie F

We had an online reservation, but wanted to eat earlier. It was no problem for the staff, they accomodated us without a problem. Since we live 90 minutes away, we will definately be back. It's a great trip for a Sunday dinner with the family.
- Carla L

One of our main reasons for the couple of days spent in Frankenmuth was that we wanted to eat at the Bavarian Inn! The waitress was exceptional, the food was outstanding. Can't believe we ate as much as we did; just couldn't leave anything, it was so good.
- Carolyn L

We surprised by the quantity of food. We had the leftovers the next day for lunch. A very nice experience! We enjoyed it so much we purchased a gift card for our friends so they could enjoy a meal there also.
- Allan C

Our waitress was excellent and very attentive. Personally i was dissappointed with the bread selection and missed the preserves i received the first time. Maybe u are phasing them out because there wasnt a big selection in the bakery for sale either and i always liked picking that up so it's a shame if they are.

The food was very good and plentiful and i feel good value for the cost. Im not sure if i was in a different dining room than my first visit but i have to say i enjoyed my first visit more fondly but that was five years before.
I did enjoy it anyway as did those who were with me and i would definitely return.
Being Octoberfest, my 85 year old grandmother enjoyed the accordian player!
- Tina T

We had a wonderful time at your facilities for the Ultimate Date Night Dinner. Please tell our server Sean that he did an excellent job, and we were very satisifed with his courtesy and promptness at serving.
- Irene and Gary E

Wie geht es? Deine resterant ist sehr gut. (That was a big dig in my schooling. I took German for 2 years 40 years ago.)
-it was great when I did the reservation and asked for a quiet area that we were in the Austrian Room
-food was great and way so much - unfortunately we could not take a doggie bag since our hotel room (another location) did not have a fridge-it was hot and or cold (salads)
-staff was very polite and prompt
- Margaret H

This is my first visit since I've been wheelchair bound for outings. We rented a power scooter for the day and the staff was just AWESOME with accommodating me, getting me situated in my chair and "parking" the scooter out of the way and bringing it back when our meal was done.
- Davonna P

We come every year at this time for a birthday....look forward to it next year as well. The young male server was very sweet, and while we've been there for years, he acted like we'd just come for the first time.....what a pleasure!!!!! Think his name was sean (shawn)....very young but very professional and nice.
- Adele F

Wait staff was very friendly. Never had to wait for anything. She was on top of our needs. Will visit again.
- Tim H

We had a wonderful time! Nothing could have been better! We celebrated a birthday at our table with a previously ordered gift and birthday cake. It turned out awesome! Even had the accordion player over playing Happy Birthday and a few other OSU tunes! Thank you for a pleasant meal and a great time by all 5 in our party!
- Joyce W.

I don't remember our server's name...but she was fantastic! We were in the Edelweiss dining room. We were one of the last two groups to leave. We drove from Chicago just for dinner...and everything was great. Thanks!
- Jana B

We had a wonderful time and everything was perfect as always. My folks are elderly 90 & 87 (married 63 years) and we always bring them back a family style dinner. They love it as well. We have always enjoyed your establishment and we'll return as often as possible. Many thanks....
- Susanna H

Everything was very good. The service (Michael) was very friendly and prompt with refills. Really enjoy the accordionist also.
- Marc L

Our server did a very good job. We had grandchildren with us and she was very helpful in assisting us in ordering for them. Every one was very attentive. The food was perfect. The service and the food were excellent. We always enjoy our experience at The Bavarian Inn. Your birthday coupons always entice us to come back.
- Steven G

Our family's experience surpassed our expectations! The meal setting, the birthday torte and the service were impeccable! Please send the entire team a big thank you!
- Suzanne F

The Bavarian Inn is a special place to me and my husband of 38 years. We went there several times when we were dating back in the 70's and I have to tell you it is wonderful to go back when we are in town (We live in D.C.) We brought a guest with us from England and everything was so perfect. The food was plentiful and absolutely delicious. It was warm, the drinks flowed...we didn't need to ask for anything, it was as if the staff read our minds and quickly filled the thoughts. What a treat to "go home" and walk into a restaurant and feel like family.
- Trudy R

It has been 30 years or so since I last was in Frankenmuth for a chicken dinner. I had made it a goal to take my family as I enjoyed it so much with my parents as a youngster. Hoping to provide some lasting memories for my children (as mine were) of a getaway with my family.

Our waitress was friendly and efficient. All of our party loved the chicken and commented that it was unlike any other we have ever had. We also took the horse drawn carriage tour around the town as our meal concluded. This was a great way to end the experience. One item of note was the fast pace of which the meal and the entire experience unfolded. We were looking for the meal to be an "experience" and felt as if it was a tad rushed.

We do hope to come back again someday which is the greatest compliment of all.
- Don H

We had a wonderful visit and we will diffently come back again. Even my picky eater liked it. Thank you for a wonderful time.
- Marsha K

We had an absolutely fantastic visit - like always. Everything gets rated a 5 - you truly do exceed our expectations. The wait staff are always warm and welcoming, the restaurant itself is clean and fun (who doesn't love the strolling accordion player?). And the food. I could go on and on about the food - I save up my calories so I can really enjoy it. I even bought Dorothy's cookbook, so I can try, in my own feeble way, to recreate some of what we have there at home. Can't wait to come back again! Thanks so much for always making our trip to Frankenmuth special!
- Nancy S-B

Very nice job, food was very tasty and service (Jillian) was wonderful. We look forward to returning.
- Scot G

The waiter was excellent. The food was great. The entire experience was top notch. Too bad there wasn't a strolling accordianist this time. That adds a nice touch. Thanks.
- Ronald S

I wish I asked the name of our server, she was a young pretty lady amazingly professional and at the same time jovial. she served us with a smile from the beginning to the end and made our visit memorable, I had guest from overseas that were impressed with the amount of food served and specially her attitude . Frankenmuth is the first place I take my guests who come to visit Michigan and Bavarian Inn is always the cream on the cake. Thank you.
-Taline H

I have been staying at the Bavarian Inn since 1988 and this tradition (several times a year) has grown on my children and their families as well as my brother and sister. My children came as little boys and now bring their children to the Bavarian Inn. Christmas (December) is our favorite time to visit and have a big family dinner at the restaurant after we walk across the covered bridge (spit over the edge half-way over) and wander the shops in the basement. I can always know that I will be treated well, the rooms will be in the same clean condition and the food, will always be great. We look forward to our next visit. Thank you,
- Neil Y

Although we have lived in Michigan several years and now live in Ft. Lauderdale, and visit often, this is our first time at the Inn. We loved it. The food was delicious and service excellent. We will for sure come back tell our friends. Thanks for a great time. - Marv R

Our two servers were very conscientious. All questions were asked, and all requests were addressed promptly. God bless all of you, and we look forward to dining with you in the future.
- Nick Z

My husband and i have been here a few times and every time we love it! We take a few days and come to Frankenmuth from Chatham, Ontario and it is worth it! I keep telling everyone i know to go and have the food and experience. Its so wonderful! We just wish we had more time (and money haha) and we would visit more often! but we will be back next summer forsure!
Thankyou to all your staff, they always do a wonderful job!! and your kitchen staff always makes the perfect meal!
- Bonnie R

Our visit definitely met my expectations. I had not been to the Inn for a good 30 years and it was just as I remember. For my wife and son, it was their first experience and they thoroughly enjoyed it. Keep up the good work !!
- Mark M

The food was great - and plenty of it. The area was clean and our waitress was very nice - and efficient. We greatly enjoyed our experience there.
- Duane W

My guests and I thoroughly enjoyed our visit to the Bavariann Inn Restaurant. We especially enjoyed our waitress. Our visit exceeded all of our expectations. We look forward to visiting again.
- Sandy B

As always, I would highly recommend the Bavarian Inn Restaurant to anyone that is visiting Frankenmuth. My wife and I have been to Frankenmuth on nearly 20 occasions over the years and we truly enjoy every trip to this wonderful town. We have enjoyed a Bavarian Inn world famous chicken dinner every time that we have visited. Our recent visit met all of our expectations, I truly believe that one could not ask for more. The atmosphere in your restaurant is very comfortable, and the service is wunderbar. I believe that our server's name on this visit, was Lacie. She took very good care of us during our meal, and took the time to chat with us. She made us feel very welcome. Please let her know that she is doing a great job. The food was delicious, and there was more than enough to eat. This was our first time back to Frankenmuth in nearly three years, so we were really looking forward to this weekend get-a-way. Keep up the terrific service, and don't change what you're doing, because you can't fix what isn't broke! Here's hoping that we are able to return soon for another fabulous dinner experience at the Bavarian Inn Restaurant.
- Mike S

Our visit to the Bavarian Inn Restaurant was marvelous, exceeding our expectation in all categories. We bring my parents every year for their birthday dinners. Server was Andrew and he worked very hard to make our dinner special. The chicken dinner, as always, was the best. We look forward to coming to Frankenmuth every year.
- Ann Marie M

We had a wonderful time. The food was great (as usual), & the service wonderful. I would rate you a 4 on all respects.
- Deborah S

I was delighted with the service on June 17 and the speed we were seated. I found the whole Internet reservation process easy and highly recommend it for others.
- Andy B

We were surprised by how much food that we got for the family style chicken. It is too bad we couldn't take the left overs with us!!
- Joan & Jerry T

My Family and I have been coming to the Bavarian Inn Restaurant for over 30 years now, and have nothing less than RAVE REVIEWS from each and every visit. We have chosen the Bavarian over ANY other restaurants in the area...and for good reason...It's THE BEST! Thank You for consistant, reliable, and attention to detail food and service.
- John K

Our Party was more than pleased with everything, so our rating would be 5 all the way.
- Judith B

Everything was great. We even had a unexpected change of reservation time and when we called (even though the restaurant was extremely busy) they were able to get us in early. It really helped us a lot. We had a big group with us and can't find one thing to complain about. We loved it!
- Lisa R

We would like to than Kathy & Dorothy for turning a casual lunch into a memorable birthday and 54th anniversary. The conversations brought back many memories of days past. Again, thank you very much for the outstanding meal and afternoon.
- Anna & Bill W

We had an excellent experience. Our server was the greatest ever. I wish that I could remember her name to tell you because she was fabulous! Food, great. Service, great.
- Jennifer K

Everything was PERFECT. I Love visiting your hotel.
Can't wait to visit again.
- Kathleen P

Our visit to Bavarian Inn was very enjoyable. We had a reservation of Noon, but when we were delayed we called to see if we could move our reservation 1/2 hour or so we were treated very courteously and were assured it was no problem. A stress reliever!
Our server (Irina?) was very sweet - friendly and polite. She waited on us promptly and efficiently. She greeted us warmly, anticipated our needs, made eye contact and made sure to invite us to return soon.

We always enjoy the menu variety and the quality, although this time, while my husband and daughter had no complaints (chicken dinner & Reuben sandwich), my chicken cordon bleu was warm, not hot. It was still flavorful and did not prevent me from finishing it, however.
Our table condiments, cloth and settings were clean and fresh. We did not notice debris on the floor or dust anywhere.

We were seated in a booth near a large table of people who had been drinking alcohol and becoming a bit boisterous so when we heard them begin to order "shots" we did not linger for dessert - we finished our lunch and paid our bill. This did not really diminish our experience, just hurried it along near the end of the meal. I also enjoy the convenience of being able to make reservations online.
- Louise B

I would rate all aspects of our experience a 5. Our wait time was non-existent (and this was the Saturday of a holiday weekend!), we were told at the info desk which room our reservations were for and the hostess directed us with no problem. Our waitress was wonderful and, as always, the food was delicious. I brought a niece and friend from Atlanta, GA who had never been to Frankenmuth before. They loved the restaurant and every part of our visit.
Thanks for creating one more memory for our family!
- Martha D

We enjoyed our stay at your Inn, your desk clerk greeted us with a smile and our check-in only took a few minutes. The food and service at the Bavarian exceeded our expectation. We are planning a return visit in the near future. Thank you for your Hospitality.
- Scott D

They had my reservation ready. Table was a bit cramped. Server was busy, but friendly. Food was great. Lots of choices. Too many kids using electronic devices. Not your fault, though. Nice touch on Birthday cake. Will return for sure.
- Russell B

Everything was just wonderful on this visit. The waitress was very attentive and cordial. We were even seated in my most favorite room in the restaurant. Food was delicious and plentiful as always. Thanks!
- Tami B

Everyone there was very friendly and helpful!
- Wendy L

Our service was excellent! We were seated right away, even though we were early for our reservation. The waitress was friendly and did an excellent job of serving us. We had a very enjoyable dining experience.
- Shelia S

The front desk was very helpful. I liked how every time I called the front desk, they answered on the first ring. Check in was a little slow, but the clerks were very friendly. Had breakfast at Oma's. It was VERY good and hot. Waitress seemed very distracted - we didn't have her 100% attention, but I wouldn't say the service was bad. Room (hotel) was clean. I enjoyed that although it was a very busy weekend and the hotel was sold out, we couldn't hear a thing from inside our room.
- Jill S

My granddaughters love to come have dinner at your place, and they always have a good time.
- Jennifer F

Food was fabulous. Best sauerkraut I've ever eaten!
- Karen R

Once again the food/service and the entire day were excellent, thank you, we do intend to visit again
- Steve F

Wonderful time had by all. It's great to see somethings never change.
- Mary A

I have to tell you, I have been coming to Frankenmuth since I was 6 years old and I am now 52. I can remember it was always a special event to get dressed up and have my parents, grandparents and Aunts and Uncles come and spend the day shopping, enjoying the atmosphere and then sit down to a wonderful dinner. Now I am bringing my children and grandchildren and we still enjoy ourselves immensely.

Throughout the years I have reserved rooms at the Bavarian Inn restaurant for wedding anniversaries, birthdays and engagement parties and have always had a great experience with the best service and respect. Whenever friends or family come in from out of town, Frankenmuth is always on the agenda. In fact, my Aunt is flying in from Kansas on Saturday and we plan to be in Frankenmuth on Monday!

This past weekend (the 14th) was my daughters 35th birthday and we celebrated by coming early in the morning on Saturday with my 3 year old granddaughter with us by stopping for baked goods in the Bavarian Inn bakery and shopped the unique shops and we had appointments at Serendipity Day Spa for pedicures (even my 3 year old got her toes painted while she sat in the vibrating massage chair)! Our husbands met us for yet another great dinner and since I made my dinner reservations on line I was emailed a few options to have a surprise cake with her name on it at the table.

After dinner we had reservations at the Bavarian Inn Hotel. We reserved a 2 room suite and spent the rest of the evening swimming, playing with my granddaughter in the water and then playing putt putt.

My family comes to Frankenmuth at least 20 times a year for all the different events or just because we are hungry for chicken. My husband and I have a classic car and attend the auto show every year. We love coming for the Ice Festival and Octoberfest, Winterfest and plain ole shopping!

It is a beautiful family oriented environment that I love sharing with my family. I will continue to come and share the experience with my family and friends for many years to come in hopes the tradition continues with my grandchildren. Thank you.
- Julie S

We were very pleased with everything on our recent trip to the Bavarian Inn Restaurant. I would rate everything a 5. The food was delicious, served at the proper temperature. The restaurant was clean and very nicely decorated. We also enjoyed visiting the gift shop there. Thank you.
- Linda P

Thank you for a delightful experience. We and many others were celebrating Mother's Day a day early, and your staff, plus the cuisine and atmosphere, assured that it would be a treat.
- Ron & Cathy M

Everything was just great. I give everything a 5. It was a little slow at first getting our order and drinks but everything else was perfect. Thanks
- Eileen K.

Thank you for a great meal at the Bavarian Inn on May 7th. The food was excellent and the waitress was super nice and took great care of us. We will be back!
- Chris B

As always, your staff got 5's across the board. Was very happy how they got us seated so quickly even with a wheelchair. Thank you.
- Robert R

Everything was wonderful at Bavarian Inn Restaurant. Food, service, cleanliness, atmosphere, etc. was rated 4 or 5. Nice job!! Hope to be back soon.
- Nancy R

Thank you for everything! Everyone from the sales team to the waitresses treated us like gold. We will have fond memories of our daughter's graduation party for years to come!”
- Anne, Essexville, MI

Wish the day not to end! Heaven for a day! Coming for 50 years. You're the best of the best!
- R. Bowerman, Freeland, MI

On behalf of the membership and Executive Board of the Southeastern Michigan Environmental Health Association, we would like to take this opportunity to thank Bavarian Inn Restaurant for hosting our winter educational seminar. The accommodations and food were outstanding, and we appreciate everything you did to make our seminar a success. We sponsor two educational seminars each year, and I am proud to say Bavarian Inn Restaurant has been one of our favorite venues since 2004.
- J Landrum, SEMEHA

Thank you! Thank you! Thank you so much for a memorable evening. Everything turned out so perfect! We all had a beautiful experience. Tiny's Room was so fantastic. You made our Christmas special. The waiters and waitresses were wonderful. You made our holiday special!
- J. Kendruk

We have been having our family dinner at Bavarian Inn Restaurant on Good Friday for 15+ years. We look forward to every year. We also stay at the Lodge. We love it! Thank you for being there for us.
- M. Schiller, Sandusky, MI

The McKellar family treasures the privilege to have our Thanksgiving dinner each year at Bavarian Inn Restaurant. This has become a tradition and we all look forward to the celebration!
- T. McKellar, Grand Blanc, MI

We had a wonderful time at Bavarian Inn Restaurant! Dinner was great. Stuffed animal making and monster cookies were a hit. The entire staff was wonderful to our girls and bent over backwards to help. You played an important party in making our trip one of the best we've ever taken!
- Chris, Girl Scouts of Macomb County

I really hate event planning, but you made it as user-friendly for me as you could. Your serving staff could not have been nicer or more helpful. They really made us feel at home!
- C. Colvin, Saginaw, MI

For two of our party guests, this was their first time in Frankenmuth. Here it is 2 weeks later, and they are still thanking us for introducing your restaurant and town to them. Great job, Bavarian Inn. Many thanks!
- M. Huddas

I've told you already but I'll say it again: Your team did an awesome job for us and we appreciate you so much! Please share with all those behind the scenes how happy we were as well. We will certainly look forward to partnering with you again! Thanks again!
- Lara, Residence Inn Saginaw (Grand Opening catering)

We wish to extend our most grateful thanks to you and your staff for the most wonderful wedding reception at Bavarian Inn Restaurant! The evening was a total success thanks in a great part to you and your staff. The room was beautifully prepared, the food was very tasteful and served in a very efficient and timely manner. The cutting of the cake and the timeliness of its serving was well done and the bar never backed up with guests waiting to be served. You and your total staff are to be commended for their professionalism in service. It is nice to know there remain some areas of service which carry out their promises and assist their guests in anyway they can!
- The Fischers

All I can say is every time my wife and I come to your restaurant (about 5 to 6 times a year) we are well taken care of and the food is always great and of a superior quality. That is why we drive two hours each way to your restaurant and we stay at your Hotel when we can. Thanks to you and your staff for the great service we always receive!

We had a wonderful dinner. Everything met or exceeded our expectations. The food and service were great. The waitress was very accommodating/helpful. We haven't been to Frankenmuth in a number of years and were very pleased we made a reservation at the Bavarian Inn. The chicken dinner is still the best!

Our waitress in the Family Crest Dining Room on March 20 at 1:30 p.m. was the best we ever had. I wish I could remember her name! I remember she was 19 yrs old and her father owns a bar! SHE WAS FANTASTIC and made the dining experience quite memorable. All of six of us at the table commented how personable and accommodating she was! Danke ---- for making my birthday celebration enjoyable!

Everything was just great. I and my family have been coming to Frankenmuth annually for over 40 years. The food and service are still consistently delicious, which we expect, and appreciate. Thank you for your inquiry.

We prefer the atmosphere in the main floor dining area to the atmosphere on the second floor, but the second floor area was still very nice. We have always liked the Frankenmuth navy bean salad and were a little disappointed that it was not offered. Our disappointment vanished, however, when we tasted the chicken pasta salad which we would rate 5+++! Our server was awesome-- very friendly, caring, and knowledgeable! Thank you for a wonderful dinner and a very pleasant experience.

Justin, I'm sorry that I reviewed the restaurant incorrectly. I thought that I was reviewing the lodge. Please let me take a minute to review the restaurant with all 5's. Everything about our experience was really great. We've never had a family style meal and our family truly enjoyed it. We informed our server that it was our first time at the restaurant and she explained to us how the family style dinner is served. She was well informed and met all our needs. Finally, the food was delicious. The cranberry salad tasted just like my 91 year old grandma's. Thank you for a great dining experience. I will add a comment to I use this website every time that I travel and think that it is a great resource. Again, thank you.

We were celebrating my mother's 80th birthday and the dinner at the Bavarian Inn was perfect. Everything went as planned, our waitress was super, the cake was on the table as planned, and as always, the food was wonderful. Everything met and exceed our expectations.

EVERYTHING about our wedding event…staff, services, food, beverage, etc. was amazing. The entire day was about and beyond our expectations. We are so happy we chose to have our special day at the Bavarian Inn Lodge. A huge thank you goes out to everyone.
- Tonya Ziehm
Schott/Ziehm Wedding September 2010

All attendees for our summer staff meetings raved about the entire experience! I am confident that we will be back regularly!!
- Dave Tanney
UAW Region 1D Staff Retreat September 2010

I can't think of any improvements to be made at the Lodge. Katy and I have been going to the Bavarian Inn since we started dating and well before that with our families. We are honored that you could host our wedding and you all did so perfectly. We can't stress enough how impressed and grateful we are for the professionalism and excellence of your staff. Thanks again!
- Mike Jain
McDonald/Jain Wedding August 2010

Our reception was absolutely awesome. Friends and family are still talking about the food, facilities and fun. Thank you very much!
- Janice Fusi
Kalat/Fusi Wedding September 2010

Christina and the banquet staff were very friendly and provided wonderful services. Excellent food and service, as always! No improvements! Health Plus will utilize Bavarian Inn Lodge for our event for years to come.
- Diane Bradford
Health Plus of Michigan August 2010

This was our 2nd meeting at Bavarian Inn & it was GREAT! We will be back!
- Tom Zollar
Impact Consulting Services

Our wedding was perfect! The staff and coordinators were amazing and all went well. I have no improvements! Perfect!
- Shauna Krainbrink-Cusac
Krainbrink/Cusac Wedding June 2010

We had an absolute blast and your service was overall excellent! Thank you so much!
- Meghan Sternemann
Katner/Sternemann Wedding September 2010

Could I just say, our whole group was impressed with the friendly and helpful staff. From registration through our whole experience we were pleased with your wonderful staff. Of course, we enjoyed the family friendly facility and the atmosphere was excellent.
- James Jones
Baptist State Convention September 2010

The staff was outstanding. It was easy to set up the conventions and the service was awesome. They went above and beyond to help.
- Lynne Wilson
Michigan Dairy Queen, January 2011

The Gideons are a faith based organization, love to come to Frankenmuth because you let your light shine because of your values. Everyone feels at home there. I do pray that your people continue to stand firm (tall) on this.
- George Roenicke
Gideons International, December 2010

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