We know you’ll love it here!

Looking for great family activities or a great couple’s weekend getaway? The Bavarian Inn Lodge is the perfect place to get away and spend quality time with family – and have fun while enjoying luxury accommodations and authentic cuisine!

Why are we confident you’ll love a stay with us? Our list of 13 things you probably didn’t know about the Bavarian Inn Lodge and Bavarian Inn Restaurant may help answer this.

Thirteen things to know about us:

  1. We hold special events
  2. We host karaoke
  3. Willy the Dragon lives here
  4. You have an opportunity to study with our chef!
  5. We serve more than German food
  6. We have an exercise room
  7. We offer specials
  8. We have activities suited to everyone’s taste
  9. We offer group rates
  10. We have a Perks Club!
  11. The Bavarian Inn Restaurant was founded as the Union House Hotel in 1888
  12. Our rooms carry a piece of history
  13. We offer each guest Gemütlichkeit

1. We hold special events

No two days at the Bavarian Inn Lodge are alike. While we always have authentic German food and a friendly staff, we also host great family activities.

Many times throughout the year we offer special events for children that end up getting the entire family involved. Our staff leads various crafting and cooking activities. Willy the Dragon stops by for a visit too! Fun dance music is always in the background; though sometimes we bring it to the forefront. We frequently get parents involved with activities like adult musical chairs and dance offs that children find enjoyable and often hilarious.

2. We host karaoke

On Friday and Saturday nights from 8p.m.-11p.m. we host karaoke. Think you know all the words to “Ice Ice Baby”? Can you sing and mime all the letters to “YMCA”? We want to see you show off your talent at karaoke night! You might even be the next “Bavarian Idol” if you incorporate a little choreography with your number!

3. Willy the Dragon lives here

Say ‘hi’ to Willy and even get your picture taken with him. Don’t worry! He doesn’t breathe fire when he’s around kids. Nope. He’s a friendly dragon who loves people.

Is your child having a birthday? Book the Ultimate Package and Willy the Dragon will be there!

4. You have an opportunity to study with our chef!

Become a German baker! One of our special experiences is learning how to make select German baked goods with one of our chefs.

German baked goods include:

  • Pretzels
  • Chocolate-covered pretzels
  • Strudel
  • Chocolate clusters
  • Cookie decorating

5. We serve more than German food

While authentic German cuisine specific to Bavaria is our specialty, we also serve:

  • Soups
  • Sandwiches
  • Steaks
  • Seafood
  • Vegetarian dishes
  • And more!

Check out our menu to plan ahead!

We think great family activities (perhaps the best activities) include enjoying food together. No better way to do this than with our cuisine!

6. We have an exercise room

It’s so easy to let good habits slide while you’re enjoying a great vacation. Keep up your exercise routine while you’re out of town by utilizing our exercise room.

7. We offer specials

A great vacation doesn’t have to be expensive. Take a look at our specials! Enjoy great family activities without wallet worries!

8. We have activities suited to everyone’s taste

We’re much more than a place to stay. We’re a destination spot!

  1. 18-hole indoor mini-golf
  2. Pretzel rolling
  3. Strudel making
  4. Make-your-own chocolate clusters
  5. Cookie decorating
  6. Make your own stuffed animal
  7. Swimming
  8. Water slides
  9. Shopping
  10. Arcade games
  11. Wine tasting
  12. Beer sampling
  13. Exercising
  14. Karaoke
  15. Walking distance to historic Downtown Frankenmuth
  16. And much more!

9. We offer group rates

We welcome motorcoaches and have over 600 staff members eager to assist you and keep things running smoothly. We also offer suggested itineraries to help you plan a schedule of sights, eats, treats, and great family activities.

10. We have a Perks Club!

Register, dine, shop, stay, play, earn, spend, and repeat!

How Perks Club works:

  • Earn 10 points for every dollar you spend.
  • Earn 2,000 points.
  • Receive a $20 Perks reward credit loaded onto your membership card.
  • Enjoy great family activities, food, shopping, and more!

11. The Bavarian Inn Restaurant was founded as the Union House Hotel in 1888

After two generations of operation under the Fischer family, the Zehnder family bought the Bavarian Inn Restaurant in 1950. The Zehnders had already been operating Zehnder’s Restaurant since 1928. Times were tough in the late 1950’s, however, and the family thought they might have to close the restaurant.

Instead, the Zehnder family decided to jump in with both feet and expand the restaurant. They built the façade by employing Bavarian exterior-stucco and other German details. In 1959, they cemented the Bavarian theme with a weeklong celebration featuring German entertainment. Today we know the celebration as the Frankenmuth Bavarian Festival that we look forward to every year.

This decision to celebrate Bavarian culture and architecture served as a catalyst for other businesses to remake their facades to turn Frankenmuth from an agricultural town into a town centered on honoring its Bavarian heritage and culture.

Yep, with a legacy from the late 1800s, we’ve certainly been around for awhile. So, we think we must be doing something right! And we look forward to serving our guests for many more years to come.

12. Our rooms carry a piece of history

Besides options to have a king-sized bed, whirlpool, balcony, and more, each of our 360 European-themed guestrooms is dedicated to a Frankenmuth family.

Each room celebrates a different family that was one of the first settlers in Frankenmuth or a family that has significantly contributed politically, philanthropically, or economically to shape the town we love so much today. Since there are so many families in Frankenmuth that have greatly contributed to our town, we ended up having to draw names at random to decide! It is a true testament to the residents of Frankenmuth.

13. We offer each guest Gemütlichkeit

‘Gemüt,’ the root word of ‘gemütlichkeit,’ means heart, mind, temper, and feeling. ‘Gemütlichkeit’ is the heart of Bavarian warmth, service, and hospitality. You’ll find gemütlichkeit here in the warmth and friendliness of our staff.

We look forward to greeting you with gemütlichkeit soon at One Covered Bridge Lane!

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Come join us in Frankenmuth for great family activities. The trip might be just for the weekend, but the memories will last forever!