Avoid these vacation scenarios!

You want to have a great vacation. You get some travel guides and do some online research. It’s hard to predict what the experience will be like when you’re actually on the trip, but there are some pitfalls to steer clear of to give yourself a good chance of having a fabulous time! Avoid these 4 things that can ruin a vacation to increase your odds of vacation bliss.

Common mistakes:

  1. Stressful travel to destination
  2. Too much time at destination traveling to events & activities
  3. Outdoor plans in bad weather
  4. Lack of diverse activities for everyone

Fortunately, none of these are an issue at the Bavarian Inn Lodge!

The Bavarian Inn Lodge is:

  1. Centrally located for travel
  2. Everything is within walking distance once you’re here
  3. There are a plethora of things to do no matter the weather
  4. Activities that appeal to all ages

1. Stressful travel to destination

To have a great vacation, don’t focus on travel to your destination! No one flies to Paris just for lunch (OK, most people don’t). You want the focus of your trip to be enjoying yourself, not listening to kids ask, “Are we there yet?”

Pure Michigan

Have a great vacation by thinking “Pure Michigan.”

While many people come from all over the U.S. to visit Michigan (Welcome, Travelers!), many Michiganders don’t take advantage of what’s in their own backyard. Especially if you live in the Lower Peninsula, a trip to the Bavarian Inn Lodge isn’t that far. Our Lodge is centrally located – just within a few hours or less of most major metropolitan areas in Michigan.

By traveling to a destination nearby, you save both travel time and gas money!

Plus, if you’re not flying, you don’t have to be worried about lost luggage, delayed or cancelled flights, or misplaced passports.

2. Too much time at destination traveling to events & activities

It’s a calculation to consider: If you’re travelling to a big city that is especially expensive, you can save money by snagging a hotel further out with the tradeoff of a longer commute to your destination.

However, it’s a fine balance. If you fly to Chicago and spend half of your day stuck in traffic trying to get downtown to your hotel, you might wonder why you paid so much for a flight. You want the ratio of time spent at your destination to weigh on the side of enjoying yourself, not waiting to enjoy yourself.

Stay in the heart of Frankenmuth

Luckily for guests at the Bavarian Inn Lodge, this isn’t an issue! Stay at the Bavarian Inn Lodge and you are already in the heart of Frankenmuth. Once you’re here, everything is within walking distance! Have a great vacation by seeing and doing interesting things while saving time and getting a little exercise!

So much to see nearby

Located in Frankenmuth, there is much to see in the town – but our lodge is an attraction in its own right. It’s not a vacation where you enjoy the town and then retreat to an uninspired hotel. You’ll enjoy the whole experience!

3. Outdoor plans in bad weather

When it comes to travel, you have to go with the flow. This means always having a plan B.

Weather is tricky depending on what you hope to do while on vacation. Have you ever noticed that deep discounts to the Caribbean are usually exclusive to Hurricane season? It’s a gamble when your plan is to enjoy the outdoors. While Hurricane season is typically June to November, it’s still hard to predict what the weather will be for the week when it’s six months from now. Weather predictions often shift.

So, how do you ensure you and your family have a great vacation? Should you forego the outdoors to make sure your vacation isn’t ruined?

A solution to weather

At Bavarian Inn Lodge we have a third option. A Bavarian Inn Lodge vacation is weatherproof. Plan a trip here and you can enjoy myriad activities inside and out!

If it’s sunny, enjoy beautiful Downtown Frankenmuth, the river trails, and more! If not, we have pools, waterslides, a game room, cooking activities, wine tasting, shopping, and more inside. You won’t even notice it’s raining. There’s something for guests of all ages to enjoy no matter the weather.

Tip: Plan an outside venture early on in your trip. That way you have more chances to take advantage of warm weather. If it rains, do something inside.

4. Lack of diverse activities for everyone

It’s hard to have a great vacation if only half of the family is having fun. Fortunately, we’ve helped families plan reunions here for years, so we’ve had a long time to perfect the experience you’ll have at the Bavarian Inn Lodge. We have activities for all ages and interests so there’s something for everyone to enjoy.

Most activities appeal to all ages, so you can have four generations of family enjoying the same activity!

Sign up for a fun activity!

A great way to have a great vacation is by trying something new.

Activities such as making chocolate clusters or rolling your own pretzels are something children, parents, and grandparents can enjoy. You can even make a chocolate-covered pretzel! Cookie decorating is also a classic favorite. Love our apple strudel? Learn how to make it like Bavarian Inn Co-founder Dorothy Zehnder and bring a little bit of Bavaria home with you!

We also have an activity where you can make your own stuffed animal with a “Dolly Doctor” on our staff to guide you! You can personalize a message for your new friend’s heart. Make it your own by choosing your own message or decide on an inscription as a group to commemorate a reunion or family get-together!

If you have only adults in your group, sign up for a German wine tasting with cheese and crackers or a German beer sampling with soft pretzels to complement the taste!

Activities include:

  • Pretzel rolling
  • Chocolate-covered pretzels
  • Strudel making
  • Chocolate cluster making
  • Cookie decorating
  • Create your own stuffed animal
  • Indoor 18-hole miniature golf
  • German wine tasting
  • German beer sampling

Shopping opportunities

We have all sorts of shops both at the Bavarian Inn and in Downtown Frankenmuth. Do your Christmas shopping or pick up a souvenir for yourself. Or both! Many families like to get ornaments with personalized inscriptions for the whole family. It’s a way to have a great vacation, bring the memories home with you, and finish your Christmas shopping early.

Make a splash

We have four pools and three whirlpools. Not a fan of kids splashing when you’re trying to relax? Preference accommodated! We have one pool and one whirlpool dedicated just for adults. Parents of energetic kids? No need to worry – so is everyone else in the pool! If your kids weren’t energetic before walking to the pool, they surely will be once they see our two waterslides!

  • 4 pools
  • 3 whirlpools
  • 2 water slides

Gather together and enjoy entertainment

We have two lounges. Congregate with your family to make plans or just hang out! One of the lounges features nightly entertainment too. Like we said, entertainment is in walking distance!

Make it a game

We have over 160 games, indoor mini golf, and family karaoke every Friday and Saturday night.

  • Arcade with 160+ games
  • Indoor mini golf
  • Karaoke nights

Traditional German cuisine

We serve German entrées and continental cuisine at Oma’s Restaurant (“Oma” is German for “Grandma.”). Our Sunday Brunch Buffet features over 35 dishes, including Frankenmuth® chicken (one of our specialties), omelets, and Belgian waffles. We also offer gluten-free dishes.

  • Frankenmuth® chicken
  • Omelets
  • Belgian waffles
  • Carved meat
  • And more!

Make a toast!

After dinner, top it off with a German beer! Check out our Lorelei Lounge & Schnitzelbank Bier Garten. Our beer garden is open May through October, weather permitting. Sick of beer? Of course you’re not! Nonetheless, you should also check out our Bourbon Bar. Try a flight by choosing three of our 25 bourbons and 2 ryes.

  • Beer
  • Bourbon
  • Rye
  • Seasonal specialty drinks

Explore the area

You can also walk to many restaurants and attractions in Frankenmuth! Ask our friendly, knowledgeable staff for personalized recommendations. We’re here to make sure you have a great vacation!

Contact us

Ready to plan your trip? Don’t procrastinate! Give our friendly staff a call to make a reservation today. And have a great vacation!