Christmas Shopping Should Be Fun!

It’s November, which means Christmas is right around the corner. We know! Christmas shopping can be stressful, especially when you’re dealing with crowds, down to the wire trying to cross names off of your list. But Christmas shopping in Frankenmuth turns Christmas shopping anxiety into Christmas joy!

Enjoy Christmas in Frankenmuth!

Travel about 80 miles north of Detroit and you’ll find Frankenmuth, a village of some 4,000 residents centrally nestled in the eastern side of “The Mitten.” Founded in 1845 by Bavarian Lutheran missionaries, Frankenmuth means ”courage of the Franks.” In fact, some of Frankenmuth’s residents still speak a 19th century version of the Bayerisch dialect.

Along with a dialect, of the many traditions those early settlers brought with them to the region was their love and celebration of the Christmas season. Over the past two centuries, the traditions those early settlers imparted on the town have imbibed a spirit in that creates a Christmas shopping experience that is unmatched, not only throughout Michigan, but throughout the nation and the world!

5 reasons to shop in Frankenmuth:

Christmas shopping in Frankenmuth, Michigan’s little Bavaria, has its perks

1. Sidewalks are heated

There’s something bucolic about strolling along decorated streets and shop-fronts while Christmas shopping; however, trudging through snow and slush to do so can dampen the mood – literally! With heated sidewalks in Frankenmuth River Place Shops that keep dry and ice-free, Christmas shopping in Frankenmuth means you can stay focused on the beautifully decorated streets and shops and not have to worry about whether you are going to step into a pile of slush that could potentially ruin your experience!

2. Unmatched holiday decorations throughout the town

Frankenmuth is always picturesque and this couldn’t be truer throughout the holiday season. The opulent lighting and decorations that line the streets and shop fronts make Christmas shopping in Frankenmuth seem like something straight out of a Norman Rockwell painting!

The quaint village lights up during Christmas time. Lampposts are wrapped in evergreen garlands with red velvet bows. Strings of colored lights wrap around trees and outline Bavarian-themed shops. The town simply radiates with star streamers and lights.

At Bronner’s Christmas Wonderland, Christmas Lane is illuminated with more than 50,000 strings of lights. Their Silent Night Memorial Chapel glows in front of the night sky.

Christmas shopping in Frankenmuth is as much about the shopping experience as it is about the gifts!

3. A variety of shops to choose from

Some of our most famous shops include:

Bronner’s Christmas Wonderland

This popular store is the world’s largest Christmas store. (No wonder it’s popular this time of year!) In 2011, Time Magazine named Frankenmuth one of nine “most Christmassy towns in America” and featured a picture of Bronner’s store interior filled with ornaments and shoppers.

The World’s Largest Christmas Store indeed! Bronner’s is the size of 1 1/2 football fields and carries some 50,000 trims and gifts; it’s open 361 days a year.

Frankenmuth River Place Shops

With some 40 shops and attractions, Frankenmuth River Place Shops is a prime shopping destination. Whether you’re looking for collector’s items, gifts, or simply there for the window shopping, you’re sure to enjoy your visit.

Spend the day at Frankenmuth’s German-themed outdoor shopping mall and grab a bite at its various cafés. Enjoy arcades or live entertainment. Take in the atmosphere of the open spaces! There’s something for everyone here.

Castle Shops at the Bavarian Inn Restaurant

Christmas shopping in Frankenmuth can be accompanied by a world-class dining experience! Visit the Bavarian Inn Restaurant for these great shops and a plate of their award-winning Frankenmuth® Chicken.

  • Doll & Toy Shop
  • Royal Gift Shop
  • Souvenirs & Cheers Shop
  • Wine & Beer Shop
  • The Chocolate Shop
  • Candy Corner
  • Castle Shop Bakery

Bavarian Inn Lodge Shops

Why not make it a weekend and stay at the Bavarian Inn Lodge for a fun shopping weekend getaway! The Lodge itself houses shops that offer unique gift items for all ages and a gourmet coffee bar! Shopping throughout the town is just a short walk away along heated sidewalks.

Other Shops of Interest

With so many unique shops to visit while Christmas shopping in Frankenmuth it’s hard to list them all, however, you shouldn’t leave town without visiting the following shops for a true Bavarian-themed Christmas experience.

  • Frankenmuth Cheese Haus
  • Covered Bridge & Leather Gift Shop

4. Unique gifts for everyone on the list!

Christmas shopping in Frankenmuth always means finding something off the beaten path. With the variety of available shops, all with unique gifts, you’re sure to find something special for everyone on your list. From collectible dolls and unique toys to great treats and eats, the light in the eyes of those receiving your gifts will match the lights that adorned the streets while you were thoughtfully picking them out.

5. More than just great shopping and festive decorations

Come for the shopping, but stay for the culture, history, and uniqueness that Frankenmuth offers. Simply strolling through the town during the holiday season is a joy in itself!

While checking off people on your list is the goal of many this time of year, reserve some time for you and your family to take a break and enjoy the town’s German culture and making memories during the holidays.

After you’ve found your treasures, check out a few of the many things Frankenmuth has to offer.

The Covered Wooden Bridge

Experience driving or walking on Bavarian Inn Holz Brücke Wooden Bridge. The 239-foot covered wooden bridge that spans the Cass River connects the Bavarian Inn Lodge and Downtown Frankenmuth. Many find the bridge itself is worth a trip to Frankenmuth.

Let’s Go Shopping!

Put on a warm jacket and go Christmas shopping in Frankenmuth! Enjoy perusing our shops and finding something for everyone on your list along heated sidewalks! Then sit down for a cup of hot cocoa or a plate of world-famous chicken and watch the snow twinkle off the festive lighting that lines the streets.

Merry Christmas from the entire Bavarian Inn family!