Adult Pool

What can couples expect at the Bavarian Inn Lodge?

There are so many things to do at the Bavarian Inn. Here, we mention a few!

  1. Relax in the adults-only pool
  1. Stroll through the shops and see the change of colors on the trees – fall or Christmas lights during the holiday flowers in the spring!
  1. Walk through the covered bridge at night
  1. Enjoy a carriage ride


All the fun things you can do as a couple!

If you’re planning a date night or weekend getaway, here are some of our top suggestions.


  1. Adults-only pool

Go for a swim or just dip in your toes in our relaxing adults-only pool. Swim after breakfast or after a day packed with activities to wind down. Or, do both!

There is also an adults-only whirlpool right next to the swimming pool.

All of the four pools at Bavarian Inn were set designed to be different, and the adult pool is no exception.

The adult pool has a unique shape with pretty surroundings. It’s an inside pool meant to feel like your outside in a German Courtyard. Enjoy the warmth of being inside with the beauty of the outdoors!

The pool is a beautiful blue color. And, at night, you can look out at the dark sky through the large side windows and skylight window above. Lights are dimmed in the courtyard for a beautiful environment that creates a relaxing mood.


  1. Stroll through the shops and take in the atmosphere

Stroll through the downtown shops of Frankenmuth and see the change of colors on the trees. Enjoy fall or Christmas lights during the winter holiday times and flowers in the spring!

River Place Shops offer over 40 unique shops and attractions. Located just steps away, take a brisk walk and enjoy the stores. With so many shops, there is something for every age and interest!

Shops include:

  • Adult beverages
  • Clothing
  • Eats
  • Fun & games
  • Relaxation
  • Souvenirs
  • Sweets & treats


  1. Walk through the covered bridge at night

Bavarian Inn’s Holzbrücke, or “wooden bridge,” is one of the must-see landmarks in Frankenmuth.

The picturesque covered bridge is also a great photo op for Instagram or a good old-fashioned scrapbook!

The bridge is completely wooden. As you walk, make sure to appreciate the engineering, such as the wooden pegs that help hold the bridge together.

There are pedestrian walkways on both sides of the two-way bridge. With large paths, you’ll have plenty of room to walk as a couple – or with a group of friends – and carry on a conversation.

Bavarian Inn’s Holzbrücke doesn’t close at night. While it’s functional during the day, in the evening it is a sight to see with all the businesses in the distance lit up!


Facts about the covered wooden bridge:

  • Stretches 239 feet long
  • Weighs 230 tons
  • 25,000 cedar shingles
  • 6 dormers
  • Speed limit: 7 mph
  • Takes about a couple minutes to cross
  • Crosses the Cass River
  • Built in 1979
  • Open year round
  • Lights up at night
  • Made entirely of wood!
  • Michigan’s largest covered wooden bridge

A shuttle service transports visitors between the Bavarian Inn Restaurant, the Bavarian Lodge, and Frankenmuth River Place Shops. Cross the bridge to go shopping during the day and then return after dinner when the sun’s gone down just to appreciate its splendor!



  1. Take a carriage ride

What could be a more romantic date-night activity than a carriage ride in winter in picturesque Frankenmuth? Travel as couples did in the 19th century!

The Frankenmuth Carriage Company has carriages parked in front of the Glockenspiel Tower, with one to two carriages available. These carriages will take you throughout town, including side streets and over the bridge! It’s a truly unique way to view the Village of Frankenmuth.

Rides are 15 to 20 minutes and are offered over the weekends. Carriages are typically waiting in front of the Glockenspiel from 1 p.m. to about 8 or 9 p.m., depending on the day and how busy it is.

See you on your next date night!

Planning a couple’s getaway? Call us or book your room online today! Planning a short trip for date night? Visitors not spending the night are always welcome at Bavarian Inn Lodge’s Fun Center and restaurants!