Fun for the whole family!

At the Bavarian Inn Lodge, we have so many family activities here. If you have never visited, start with these four!

  1. Arcade in the Fun Center
  2. Mini Golf
  3. Pools
  4. On-Site Dining Options


Family activities #1: Arcade in the Fun Center

Individual games – Challenge yourself to beat your best score! Out of our 160 games, you’re bound to find a favorite challenge.

Games to play with a friend – Want to have a friendly competition? Challenge a friend, sibling, or spouse to a game! While they have a reputation of being a solitary endeavor, video games don’t have to be a solo activity. They’re something the whole family can enjoy together.

Daytrippers – You don’t have to stay at the Bavarian Inn to play our games. Games are for day visitors, too, anytime until 10 p.m.

Something old, something new

Are you old school or interested in the latest games? Looking for nostalgia or the latest hot game? A little of both? No matter how you answered, we’ve got something for you! One thing that makes our arcade a great family activity is that it appeals to all generations!

All ages welcome!

We have games that range for all ages. There are kiddie rides where children can pretend to drive. The roller coaster simulator is always a hit. There are pinball machines, games based off game shows … basically, anything you can imagine in an arcade!


How it works

 Need tickets? You can buy credits at our many kiosk starting. Have a friend looking for great family activities? You can also purchase cards with game credits as a thoughtful gift.


You win!

Redeem your rewards for prizes!

If you kill it playing video games (or, even if you don’t but you have some wins!) you have the chance to earn great prizes by saving up your rewards.

There are over 160 video and redemption games. Save up your credits for items like Play Stations, Xboxes, and other big prizes!



Family activities #2: Mini Golf

You don’t have to stay at the Lodge to play our indoor 18-hole mini golf. All are welcome. So, stop by on your next day-trip to Frankenmuth for this fun family activity!

The course has all kinds of different colors for the “greens”. A big German-countryside mural serves as a beautiful backdrop. The course is not just a place to play golf, but a place to relish your surroundings.

All holes are a little different. Some curve left, others right. German dollhouse buildings are scattered throughout. LED-lit trees make the course look magical.

While it’s a place to hone your skills, it’s also a great place to take in your surroundings and appreciate the design and detailed woodwork.

Golf is one of the best family activities because there are so many aspects to it: having fun, developing skill, enjoying your surroundings, and enjoying spending time together as a family!

Mini Golf Rates

Adults (13 years & older): $6.00
Children (4-12 years old): $5.00
Children (3 years old & under): Free Plastic Putter

We also have Daily Golf Wristband Rates!

Daily Mini Golf Rates
1 Day: Adult $9, Child $7.50
2 Day: Adult $10, Child $8.50
3 Day: Adult $11, Child $9.50
4 Day: Adult $12, Child $10.50

Take-home treasure! Take home a Bavarian Inn golf ball to commemorate your visit!



Family activities #3: Pools

When it comes to family activities, swimming should be at the top.

Our pools are all set up to be different. We didn’t want to have anything boring at our inn. Even the waterslides have different color schemes!

Especially designed for toddlers!

This pool is specifically designed to be a great family activity.

In the Fun Center, our traditional play pool gets deeper as you walk in. It’s a zero entry pool, gradually ending at 18 inches deep. It’s perfect for toddlers! The little ones love the sprayers and fountains.

Grandparents can sit in comfy chairs and watch the grandkids without getting into the water, but are close by and can play with them.

The Fun Center design takes into account what is most comfortable for guests and facilitates quality interactions among family and friends.

Waterfall pool

We also have a waterfall pool. The 15-foot tall waterfall dumps massive amounts of water into the pool – continually. Both adults and children love it. Parents can enjoy its Zen effects and children can get under the falls and play as the water splashes on them!

Traditional pool

If you’re going to have four pools, you have to have a traditional swimming pool. And we have one of those too! But the cool thing about ours is it changes water color!

Adult pool

The adult pool is a picturesque place for individuals 18 years and older who want a more relaxed environment to enjoy the water.

While the other three pools are in the Fun Center, the adult pool is on the 1st floor in the courtyard area, right off of reception desk. In other words, away from a lot of the action!

This pool was designed to feel like you’re outside in a German courtyard. It is indeed a scenic courtyard, but it’s enclosed. Big windows overlook the terrace. There is also a gazebo (We told you it was picturesque!). When we have wedding ceremonies, this is where they are held.

If you visit the pool, you’ll see tables and chairs with people congregating to sit and chat. It’s a great relaxed space to meet up, make plans, or just hang out!

Good to know!

All pools also have a whirlpool except for the toddler pool.

There are two waterslides: the Tower Twister and the Bavarian Blast. One is a body slide the other is for inner tubes. Inner tubing makes a great family activity as tubes can hold two people.



Family activities #4: On-Site Dining Options

We have a restaurant for every palette! Mix it up between our variety of cuisine options. Choose a full service Restaurant for a nice sit down dinner. Pick our café restaurant during the day when you’re on the go and want quick service.

Dining options include Oma’s, Lorelei Lounge & Schnizelbank Bier Garten, and Ratskeller!

  • Oma’s Restaurant
  • Lorelei Lounge & Schnizelbank Bier Garten (during summer months)
  • Ratskeller Cafe



Oma’s restaurant is located on the main floor. It’s a full-service restaurant serving breakfast, lunch, and dinner. It’s a great place to have a family dinner.

Oma’s offers lighter options and heavier entrees alike. Authentic German? American? Seafood and steak? Pizza? Whatever you’re in the mood for, you can find it here!


Lorelei Lounge & Schnizelbank Bier Garten

The Lorelei Lounge is more casual dining. With a bar and fireplace, the Lorelei Lounge is laid back.

Family special events happen from 6 p.m.-8 p.m. on select weekends. We do crafts, dance, and have fun!

The kids can enjoy musical chairs, but following the kids we have the adults be a part of the festivities too! The children seem to love watching their parents do musical chairs even more. When musical chairs gets whittled down to two adults, we have a “dance-off.” You can imagine how the kids react to that!

After the activities, the entertainer arrives as families clear out and the space transforms into a more adult atmosphere.

From 7-11 p.m. on weekdays and 8 p.m.-12 a.m. on weekends, a one-man band performs.



Ratskeller is located inside the Fun Center and features a lighter style of food. It’s quick so you can eat when you’re busy. Swimsuit wearing welcome!

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