While staying at the Bavarian Inn Lodge, many of our guests have a tradition of enjoying a traditional family meal together at the Bavarian Inn Restaurant. Besides wonderful meals and plenty to explore in the Castle Shops below, Bavarian Inn Restaurant also has other group experiences for families and work groups. No matter if you’re a group of adults or accompanied by kids–we have activities for all!


Activities for Teams and Work Outings (Adults Only)

German Wine Tasting

What’s better than wine and cheese? German wine and cheese! Sample from several of our private label German wines, and pair with delicious cheeses and crackers. Our tasting experience comes with a spirits guide who will teach your group how to properly read a wine’s label (or “birth certificate”) and how to understand the qualities and flavors of German wines. For guests 21 & over.


German Beer Sampling

Taste for yourself why Germany is renowned for its beer. You will sample three unique German flavors made from different brewing methods. Enjoy a classic Pilsner (light), a Dunkel (dark) beer, and a Weisse (wheat) beer along with a tasty German classic–a warm, soft pretzel! For guests 21 & over.


Activities for Families and Everyone

Pretzel Rolling

Do you know the proper pretzel rolling technique? You will after this educational group class! Our team will lead you through the time-tested method, and then it’s your turn to try your hand. Later, once they are baked, guests can pick up their piping hot pretzels and reap the rewards of their hard work.


Strudel Making

Each year, thousands of Frankenmuth guests enjoy Dorothy Zehnder’s apple strudel at the Bavarian Inn Restaurant. Now you can see the process behind creating this delectable dessert! Join us behind the scenes and create your own individual apple or cherry strudel.


Chocolate Covered Pretzels

Decorate a chocolate covered pretzel stick! Guests can dip their own pretzels into chocolate, and then choose which crunchy treats to adorn their pretzel with. Choose from flavors like toffee bits, raisins, nuts, M&Ms and more!


Make-Your-Own Chocolate Cluster

Start with a quarter pound of chocolate, choose your ingredients to mix in and create your own chocolate clusters!


Create-Your-Own Stuffed Animal

Choose your animal and personalize a message for your new friend’s heart before stuffing your animal with the assistance of a specially-trained “Dolly Doctor.”


Cookie Decorating

Start with a fresh baked sugar cookie from The Bakery shop down in Castle Shops, and create your masterpieces! Decorate with delicious frostings and candies and enjoy later.


Important to Remember

Advance reservations are required for all group activities. Minimum of 20 guests unless otherwise indicated.. To make reservations or for more information call 1-800-BAVARIA or 989-652-9941.